What’s a bodhran ?


A skin

The skins are chosen at the tannery : goatskin, goat kidskin, deerskin, doeskin , sheepskin and calfskin

A frame

The frame is the body of the instrument, it is made up of 6 to 8 maple wood layers.

This technique of very thin layers enables the drums to be both light and resistant.

A compressor tuning frame

A 9 layers compressor tuning frame made of okoumé plywood.

A bevel edged is made on the part which touches the skin so as to make the sound as clear as possible.

The tuning system

A 6 mm brass screw with a tuning knob (knurl) then no other tool is required to keep your instrument in perfect tuning.

According to the diameter, there are 6 to 8 tuning screws.

A varnish

Applied with a spray gun, several colours available :

black, oak, mahogany, teak...

A finish

Olaika Bodhran is easily recognised by the two alternate rows of more than 120 tacks

To obtain a clear sound and reduce the bad harmonics, an adhesive band is laid on the edge.



The video of the making from A to Z

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