Sticks - Tippers - Rods


Shaped on the wood turning lathe , the woods are selected for their hardness (box, snakewood, sandalwood, Cocobolo, ebony, grenadilla,  Rosewood,  Panacoco,  Brazilwood, Red Cabbage Bark Tree , Tali...)


The tippers / sticks are made of lengths of wood of differing diameters. They can be thick or thin in order to offer a wide range of sound.

Thin : dry, clear sound , perfect for« top end »
  Thick : round, heavy sound

Bow sticks

Made of recycled bow woods. They are shaped into a straight line. A metal part increases the weight at the end to improve the high sounds.

Sticks bags

made of waxcloth of different colours, very convenient to protect from the stains (beers…) when left on the tables during a session ;)


4 compartments


7 compartments

7 compartments speciak top end sticks  


Selected for their price-quality ratio, they suit all the bodhrans up to 16" X 6,5" diameters.

Characteristics :
- high density black nylon
- high density 10 mm padding
- music sheet and accessories pocket
- outside rubber lining
- handle